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Are you thinking of building, reconstructing, remodelling, or adding any new or existing structures onto your property? If so, you want to make sure you follow all the proper rules and laws that are applicable to your new structure, whether it’s a building, an add on, a garage, a pool, or anything else. For a proper private certifier and building inspection in Campbelltown NSW, residents only need to come to My Certifier.

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Professional Certification & Consultation Guaranteed

For many years we have been helping Campbelltown residents achieve their building goals while adhering to local and national laws and regulations. We offer both residential and commercial certification services, so whatever your project is, we can help you get the proper licensing and paperwork so that your project can go ahead without a hitch. We strive to provide efficient and proactive services to our clients so that you get your perfect outcome.

Your first step to getting a residential certification through us is getting council approval for your project. Once you have that and you are ready to go, come see us! We offer assistance with different types of residential certifications, including a construction certificate, a complying development certificate (CDC), PCA services, pool compliance inspections, and Basix certification. We also offer DA assistance and building consultations for those at the very beginning of their journey.

Our commercial building inspections and certification services do not include certification itself, but we do provide assistance with major aspects of it. Our two main consultations are BCA Part J reports and Class 2-9 inspections. We can help you understand and prepare for these inspections and reports, and we can help you keep everything as affordable and quick as possible.

By hiring a professional building surveyor, you get thorough building inspection services and building inspection report to help you address issues straight away. When you need a pre purchase building or new building inspection in Campbelltown, our team at My Certifier is here to provide advice and guidance on planning law and code. With full knowledge of the building process and property inspections, we can help you through every step of the way. Our services include:

  • Offering DA advice for new projects
  • Construction Certificate (CC)
  • Complying Development Certificate (CDC)
  • Building Consultation
  • Providing comprehensive building consultations
  • Providing PCA services on projects in development
  • Pool compliance inspections
  • Finding cost-efficient Basix certificates


Residential Certification Made Easy

Our extensive building inspections and residential certification services make it easier to successfully complete your building project in an efficient and timely manner. From pools to garages to building extensions and more, we can help you get all of the proper paperwork and licenses, as well as provide consultation for further steps when the time comes.

For class 10 buildings, our Campbelltown building inspections services can help with constructions certificates once you have council approval. If you are in need of a CDC, and need it fast tracked, our services can help you receive your CDC within 5 days.

My Certifier is also a PCA, or Principal Certifying Authority, and we can help you ensure your project is BCA compliant. If you are selling or leasing a home with a pool, you must comply with the Swimming Pools Act. We provide building inspection in Campbelltown to ensure your property is fully compliant with this Act and others that are relevant to your building.


Why Use My Certifier?

If you are considering any of the following:

  • New Home
  • Building
  • Pool
  • Shed
  • Garage
  • Or Renovations on Your Existing Home

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My Certifier makes it easy. Contact us if you want:

1. Professional Certification Service & Building Inspection in Campbelltown
2. Qualified Certifiers Assistance
3. Cost Effective Building Approvals and Certification Costs


Are You Looking for a Building Certifier Near You?

If you live in or around the Campbelltown area, My Certifier is the right place for you to find all of the building inspections and certification services you need for both residential and commercial projects. As a PCA, we can provide prompt service and all the proper assistance you need.

Contact us today with any questions or for more information!

Proudly Serving Campbelltown NSW

Campbelltown is a suburb and major town centre in the metropolitan area of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is located in Greater Western Sydney, 42 kms south-west of the Sydney CBD. The Western Sydney University has a Campbelltown Campus, located on Narellan Road. My Certifier has been serving Campbelltown since starting up and has become the leading building certifier and building inspector in the area.



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