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Building Inspections

Leading Building Inspection Shellharbour

If you are planning a new structure for your home, it’s important you have the area surveyed by a professional building inspector. You cannot judge a book by its cover, and you cannot judge a home by its appearance. Even the prettiest of structures can be hiding conditional issues!

These issues include faults in the foundation, problematic moisture, pest damage, and illegal construction. Any one of these problems pose the threat of becoming a real structural nightmare.

By hiring a professional building surveyor to conduct pre purchase building pest inspections in Shellharbour, you can address these issues straight away. When you need a building inspection in Shellharbour, our team at My Certifier is here to provide advice and guidance on planning law and code. With full knowledge of the building process, we can help you through every step of the way. Our services include:

  • Offering DA advice for new projects
  • Providing comprehensive building consultations
  • Providing PCA services on projects in development
  • Pool compliance inspections
  • Finding cost-efficient Basix certificates

Getting Your CDC

As a certifying authority, we will inspect your home and grant the Complying Development Certificate (CDC). When building a home, we know that time is of the essence. This is why we typically grant the CDC within just 5 days of property inspections. This gives you more time to focus on the next phase: planning your building!

Maintaining BCA Compliance

Once your project has entered the development phase, we’ll help you ensure that all work is BCA compliant. As a principal certifying authority conducting building inspections in Shellharbour, we have extensive knowledge about keeping everything up to code and enforcing the correct building inspections.

If your dream home includes a pool, then we’ve got you covered! With our pool compliance inspection services, we can ensure that your new amenity is enjoyable and safe.

Our company has years of experience working with class 1 and 10 buildings; this includes houses, spas, sheds, pools, and garages. Whatever project you have, we are ready to help!

Professional Certification, Consultation & Building Approvals Guaranteed

For many years, our private certifiers have been helping Shellharbour NSW residents achieve their building inspections goals while adhering to local and national laws and regulations for legal building approvals. We offer both residential and commercial certification services, so whatever your project is, our private certifiers can help you get the proper licensing and paperwork so that your project can go ahead without a hitch.

Are You Looking For a Building Inspector Near You?

At My Certifier, we are proud to provide the high-quality building inspections Shellharbour requires. Our team is equipped with the credentials to ensure your property inspections process runs smoothly. As a pre purchase building surveyor, we are A3 certified and accredited by the Building Professionals Board. We are also a member of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors.

Our team is always prepared to help throughout the building process. This includes everything from DA assistance on your application to zoning, building inspection report, and construction advice. We are here to help you, so feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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Our company strives to offer professional service with qualified assistance at a cost-effective rate. Send us your plans, and we’ll send you a quote – it’s that easy. Whenever you need Shellharbour building inspections, don’t hesitate to contact My Certifier for a fast response!



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